Fabulous faux fur fashion


So we have had some really nice weather lately, and by that I mean no rain! However a light jacket is still needed to keep out that cold, post winter breeze. My suggestion? a nice faux fur coat. Yes they are fur, but the inside is normally not very insulating. Or at least I know mine isn’t. However, it does keep me warm when it is in-between hot and cold. And it looks fabulous.

Before buying mine, I checked to make sure it was fake fur. You can usually tell, because the real fur is a lot softer, but I didn’t want to risk it. So I looked up the fabrics and materials on the label and fortunately it wasn’t real. I guess its whatever you prefer to wear, I personally dont like the thought of walking around in a dead fox’s fur. But if you are ok with it, its up to you. If thats the case then its just fur fashion for you

The joys of the faux fur coat are unlimited. It goes with everything. I wear mine with jeans, skirts, leggings, dresses. EVERYTHING. The colour is a neutral brown so it goes with the whole of my wardrobe. However, I would stick to buying neutrals for fur jackets, just because it is such a statement piece to start of with. Unless you are very bold and out there, I think the fur should be the one and only show stopper. Plus, its hard to outshine, such a bold item of clothing

Faux fur doesn’t only come in the form of a coat or jacker, it has lots of different uses. My next favourite fur fashion item is the fluffy bag. Sold in shops all across the uk, fluffy bags in the pastel colours of spring are heading into the streets. And they are amazing. They are kind of like pugs, so ugly that they become cute ( I am a pug lover by the way.)

I got mine from a charity shop for £15. That is my tip for affordable faux fur fashion, because a lot of faux fur is super expensive. Faux fur is expensive because its trying to replicate something equally as expensive. the fibres have to be put together a certain way, and then dyed and it takes a lot of time and a lot of resources. This is why most of my faux fur jackets are from charity shops. I just check the labels for the materials used and then if its cruelty free, and under £20, I put it in my basket. And plus, vintage is so in!
So this spring show us your inner animal, weather its a leopard print fur jacket, a plain fur jacket, or a super cute, super fluff white fur jacket. Or even a furry hat! Let the world know your animal reincarnation, through fashion

lots of love,
Diary of a french chick xoxo
Jacket in the picture is from ASOS, currently out of stock

100% polyester
P.S no animals were harmed in the making of this blog, or the wearing of my jackets. I checked




This post is inspiredly my mothers reaction to my new tattoos. Her reaction was literally ‘Why?’ A lot of people dont get why our generation love tattoos, but here is the breakdown. Obviously everyone one is entitles to their own opinions, however, lets try to keep the mean judgemental comments to ourselves.

Why did you get that?
Its pretty simple really, I saw it/ drew it and I liked it.  Tattoos are all personal, they come with meanings, memories and a lot of pain. If a person is willing to permanently decorate their body, knowing how painful it is, well they obviously wanted it!

What does it mean?
Not everything has a meaning. its about expressing yourself through art, and showing people who you are on your body. However those tattoos who do have a meaning, its probably really personal. Its up to them whether they decide to tell you, and I’m sure if they wanted you to know, they would have already told you.

What if you change your mind?
This question annoys me to the max. If we change our minds and live to regret our ink, well we have three options. We can either:
A) Get laser  tattoo removal
B) get it covered up by a new tattoo
C) ignore it and get on with our lives.
Whats done is done, and we have to remember that at one point in our lives we wanted them and it made us happy to have them.

How are you going to get a well paid job?
Thats easy! Work hard, do well and impress the boss. Our tattoos have no affect on our work ethic and our talents. And if the boss is against it? wear long sleeves. Yes it will be hot in the summer, but a nice loose blouse with long sleeves won’t be that much of a drag.

Imagine what you will look like when you get old?
I think ill look pretty cool. I mean my grandkids could save a fortune on colouring books! No but my serious response to this question is that i think by the time we grow up, and get old, tattoos will be the norm. Think about how many people you know who have/ want a tattoo? Our generation have a lot more freedom, care a lot less about others views on us and are a lot more daring. I think we will be a generation filled with colourful and patterned grandparents.

Lastly I have a few tips. I am no tattoo expert, but there are a few things that you should know about tattoos, especially if its your first one. These are rules I abide by completely, they help me avoid tattoo mishaps,

  • Think about the tattoo you want, draw it on your skin to see if you like the way it looks.
  • Wait a few months before getting it, this way you know that you will still like it in ten years time.
  • Research the best tattoo studio in your area. check that they are talented and hygienic. look at reviews and pictures of their actual ink work, not the inspiration books.
  • Print of images and try draw a rough copy of what you want and what you are expecting.
  • Go to a consultation, explaining what you want and showing the pictures. then ask who they would recommend do your tattoo. Lots of different artists are good at lots of different styles, so make sure this is their strong point.
  • When that stencil is being placed on, make sure you like the placement and the way it looks. If not tell them, and if you change your mind completely, let them know.
  • I know its painful, but try your hardest not to make a scene. we all have different pain thresh holds, but the stiller you are, the faster and more accurate your tattoo will be.
  • Follow the after care guide exactly. Infections are horrid, especially with a tattoo. if it does get infected, go to your GP to get some antibiotics ASAP.
  • Wait until after your tattoo is healed (1-2 weeks depending on the size.) take a good look because obviously the scabbing can change the way the ink looks until it has healed. If the pigments come out, or it isn’t how you wanted it, just pop back to your tattooist who should fix it right up, either free of charge, or discounted.

As I previously stated, tattoos are personal, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but personally I love them and will always love them, they are a reflection of how I am, each tied up with a memory or a story or a meaning.

Lots of love
Diary of a french chick xxx

This is a mans world


So last year we had the come back of what I like to call ‘Boyish fashion.’ Boyfriend jeans, sports wear, and of course boyfriend blazers. This year, I have a feeling that shirt dresses will be huge. This is a more famine twist to the androgynous style that has been in and out over the last few years.

Now you know in the movies, when the girl makes herself a coffee after the first night spent together with her lover? Maybe on the balcony of some gorgeous hotel in Paris? (Maybe a little over reaching for the 4th -10th date, but a girl can dream.) Well, the shirt dress is exactly that, just can be worn out.

There are lots of different types of style. Sleeves, sleeveless, a low collar, high collar, patterns and different lengths. But the are all loose fitting, meaning that every body shape can wear one, feeling comfortable and looking good. You can cinch in the waist with a belt, the possibilities of how you can accessories this item of clothing is endless. boots, heels, jewellery, belts and jackets.

So my top tip for staying cool in the summer, shirt dresses. Yes we live in a a mans world (unfortunately) but it don’t mean nothing, without a woman or a girl. So wear it and rock it.

charity shop shopping (thrifting)


Ok, so times are hard, and when nearing the end of the month, not many of us can still afford that urban outfitters binge that we all want so badly. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Charity shops! Or better known in the US as thrift stores. Now bare with me here, because I know they are Smelly and dusty and a lot of the time, filled mostly with junk. But one mans trash is another mans treasure! the trick is, look closely. I used to hate going to charity shops with my mum on the Saturday mornings. She would take Ages, and would still be in the same section by the times I would finish in the toys and books section. And now I get why. Don’t get me wrong, my parents had the money to buy us all, them included, whatever we needed, but my mum was a bargain hunter. She would always come out with glamorous dresses and jackets and bags. Her best buy was a silky, white, floor length Karen Millen dress. How much? £15. £15! After learning the trades of charity shop shopping, I have since purchased a faux fur Topshop jacket, Levi jeans and Cavela shoes. All at bargain prices. And the plus? All the money goes to charity. There are also plenty of cheap books, some retail for £12 in WHSmiths! You could be getting some for 50p instead.

So this is why charity shops are great and why I love them so! cheap and helpful. So tread slowly through the mud, and find yourself a gem, because trust me there are loads!

Girls in Gingham


Gingham reminds all of us uk gals of our summer school uniform. The little checks on white cotton dresses have been around since the early 1920s, and have come in and out of fashion for centuries. The nostalgic pattern represents youth and innocence ( think Dorothy Gale) however its back for 2015 and can totally be turned sexy (think modern Brigitte Bardot.)

depending whether you want to look like a sweet farm girl, or whether you want to look chic, picking the right gingham for your look is crucial. Gingham comes in many colours. my favourite is black. however, there are many different types of clothing with gingham patterns. Current favourite is the mini dress from Missguided.com. This is an example of good girl gone bad. The pattern is given a serious edge with its sexy silhouette.

Styling gingham is pretty easy. You just have to keep it simple. The gingham itself is the statement fashion piece, This is why I only ever wear black gingham, as opposed to colour gingham. It is easier to style. And if you want to jazz it up, pick one more colour to style it with. I think monochrome pieces work best with a tad of vibrant colours, so maybe a yellow or green. Keeps it from being simple black and white, so add a coloured cardigan or shoes. Even just a belt and there you have it. The perfect gingham outfit.

A little about me


Hello world!

Me? I am a journalism student who loves everything other than slugs and feet. These two things freak me out. Majorly.  No offence intended to those who love feet or slugs. Or both. I love music, and books and films and going to the theatre. One of my main passions is fashion. I adore clothes, they are my weakness. Oh and shoes. If I had all the money in the world I would by everything in shops, even ugly stuff that I don’t need. But alas, I am a young university student with only a loan to fund my needs. What a shame because I could give the Great British economy a huge boost if only I had a well paid job. However, after I finish my degree, maybe I will get a great job that allows me to buy all that I want and need.